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There's an Ocean at the End of the Street

I was driving along the other day in Santa Monica- can’t remember where I was going- the lavender dreaminess of the place will do that to you. Suddenly up ahead at the end of the street in the distance I saw the ocean gleaming mischievous and silvery bright in the early afternoon sun. Just knowing that it’s there, lurking playfully, is a whimsical feeling.

A Weekend to Remember

I flew home from a few days in Mexico City this evening. I travelled in solitude and enjoyed the unfamiliar space which that created. Traveling without children is always a surprisingly different experience; there is no one else to look after and thus one gains so much extra time to think and reflect.

A Very Roman Hero

As summer’s end appears on the horizon the knowledge that I will soon be back in Europe becomes more tantalizing with each day that passes.  The prospect of a trip back home has had me thinking about family and about an old Roman hero by the name of Aeneas.

A Manhattan Moment

As temperatures rise to an uncomfortable pitch in the height of summer here in LA, I often find myself slipping backwards through the humidity to the first months of our American adventure and the electric heat of that Manhattan summer. 


We took a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu a couple of nights ago; heading out into the hazy traffic of an LA summer evening…. I think there’s something about the nature of the American West that alters our understanding of the world and our place within it. Whether it’s ultimately positive or negative I really couldn’t say.

Dreaming in California

Eight years of memories and experiences - like looking though a kaleidoscope. The family who moved from London to Manhattan is a far away remembrance and yet it feels like only yesterday that we arrived in the searing heat of a New York summer. The elusive ghost of time past that slips away when one tries to fix upon it.